Brief information to therapeutic massagers
            It is known to science that, therapeutic massagers refer to the medical equiments and are determined to remove:

  • Pains in muscles, vessels;
  • Disorder in cardiovascular, raspiratory and nervous systems, gastrointestinal tract;
  • For recovering and increasing ability of work etc.

The percent massagers with 7 pattern are appointed for massage of the body, feet paws and for children

  • Pattern # 1  a one-wheeled massager, with changeable wheels of 4 types;
  • Pattern #2, #3, #4 – massagers with different types of wheel profiles;
  • Pattern #5 - massager with wavy profile-wheeled and appoined for children;
  • Pattern #6 – massager with heating effect, which has no analog in the world;
  • Pattern #7 – massager for feet paws.
The inventor seeking decent sponsor for mass production

Anyone who wants to be interested in and to get these massagers, please contact this address: Index AZ1132, Baku city, Bakikhanova settlement, A.Anafli street 23A.
Phone: +994 50 7138698, +994 12 4285704
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